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Meet The TeamWhether it’s for a global brand or a neighborhood startup, we approach every client with the same energy and professionalism.


August 99 is authentic and down-to-earth, true to what we do best, and transparent to our clients. We’ll make sure that you’ll have an easy experience working with us.
Aesha Calado Director of Operations
Kate Jardin Head, Shared Services
Erny Nazario Head, Product
Rachel De Mesa Head, Creative
Davis Faigao Head, Production
Eve Soto Product Marketing
Noelani Torre Head, Content
Maryann Montegrande Head, Accounting
Bernd Rennebeck CTO
Ace Hain Head, Sales
Michael Martinez Head, Client Support
Bernice Buenafe Head, People & Culture
Ginette Wright VP, Marketing
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Employees are treated like friends and family here. This is the foundation of our tight-knit culture and positively impacts everything we do.
Tiger Founder and CVO
Jon Co-founder and CFO
Luigi Co-founder and COO
Bernd CTO
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250+ Strong Team

The August 99 crew brings more than 21 years’ experience delivering high-end, creative solutions on time and on budget.
Jonathan Bingayan
Jong Ignacio
Joselito Baluyot
Karen Santos
Katrina Lacopia
Kim Castillo
Klinton Ballecer
Mariel Cruz
Melissa Allana
Mia Mejia
Neildren Brinoza
Niela Potot
Nio Infante
Patricia Ugay
Rachel Narral
Raymond Rendon
Reagan Enaje
Roberto Navarro
Ron Pangilinan
Rowell Blanca
Ruth Burbos
Ryan Flores
Samantha Hain
Sam Lawrence Esquejo
Sharlyn Vidal
Suzette Moreno
Vanna Emia
Wenda Roxas
Yvonne Dalisay
Albert Narral
Angelo Asuncion
Ann Danganan
April Alcuaz
Brenda Lacerona
Bryan Suarez
Camille Rivera
Cath Maquiran
Cecilia Rodriguez
Charina Santos
Charmaine Aberin
Conrad Raquel
Cris Arrojado
Cristina Cruz
Cyra Gevero
Danny Cator
Earl Loyola
Edlineth Belmonte
El John Peji
Fay Urtula
Felix Guevarra
Frederick Francisco
Geraldine Dizon
Geraldine Rodriguez
Irving Dela Cruz
James Soteco
Jason Marges
Jeff Boringot
Jerson Sanggoyo
John Corpuz
Jomarie Famanila

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