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Outsource To A Dedicated Web Development TeamWhite label services for digital agencies and small businesses

Build Your Remote Team In Manila We take care of everything — from hiring, payroll and employee management.

We provide value-for-money staff leasing & outsourcing solutions to companies in the US, Australia and anywhere in the world.

Get a dedicated team or resource from August 99 and save on overhead and in-house hiring costs. Simply let us know the skills that you are looking for and we'll take care of everything on your behalf — from talent sourcing, to hiring & onboarding, all the way to employee management. You can choose people our existing roster who can start working for you immediately, or we can initiate a recruitment process on your behalf.

Content & Marketing Experts

Avail the expertise of our content writers, copywriters, editors, proofreaders, SEO specialists, paid media specialists, email marketing experts and other digital marketers. Hire us for a project or as full-time members of your remote staff in Manila. No long-term commitment required.


Designers & Creatives

Our design roster consists of website designers, multimedia designers, graphic artists, digital illustrators, product designers, art directors and UI/UX designers. Design is one of our best and most popular skill set. Hire us to work on a project or get our people to become a part of your remote team.


Developers & Software Engineers

Looking to extend the capabilities of your current development team? Assemble a remote team of developers through us. Our roster includes front end developers, back end developers, full stack developers and software engineers who are experienced in building websites, mobile apps & custom platforms.


QA Testers, SRE & IT Support

To complement the skills of our developers, we also have a pool of quality assurance testers, site reliability engineers and IT support specialists. These experts can be instantly deployed to work on your projects or become part of your remote support team here in Manila.


Data Entry Specialists & Online Researchers

Aside from traditional encoding, our data entry professionals are skilled in uploading, migrating or updating content for various platforms. They can also be trained to do specialized tasks related to online research. Hire us for a project or as full-time members of your remote staff in the Philippines.


Virtual Assistants & Support Specialists

Work with our virtual assistants for things such as website content management, social media posting, scheduling, appointment setting, researching and other administrative tasks. We can also provide tier 1 to tier 3 level customer support (voice and non-voice), for tech companies and digital agencies.


Managers, Team Leads & Specialized Roles

Do you need senior-level people to oversee your remote operations here in Manila? We are highly experienced in hiring, training and staffing for supervisory-level positions. These include specialized roles such as project manager, scrum master, operations manager, production manager, team lead, data scientist, business analysts, SREs,


Finance & Accounting Experts

Outsourced accounting services, payroll management and tax compliance are just among the many finance-related support that we provide. If you already have a remote team or operations here in the Philippines, you can trust us to handle the tedious aspects of your accounting process.


HR Support & Compliance Experts

We built August 99 to be a one-stop shop for any company's outsourcing needs. This includes back-office resources such as HR managers, recruitment offices, background check specialists, business formation consultants & corporate compliance experts. We are able to help any startup or foreign company who wish to set up their operations here in the Philippines


How To Get Started

What are the pros of hiring a dedicated team?

Hiring a dedicated team to work full-time on your projects has many benefits. This helps you solidify communication across all your distributed teams, set consistent expectations, and maintain focus. Having dedicated resources allows us to complete your tasks in days, not weeks. You can manage and communicate directly with your resources, provide the tools and training that you want them to have, and set specific KPIs for the team that you will hire.

What outsourcing model would you recommend for a first-time client?
Will I have direct communication with the resource or team that I'm going to hire?
What are the terms and fees associated with this?

Why Work With August 99

Reliable, Top-Notch Talent

Our people are subject matter experts in their respective roles and they have been trained to work seamlessly with our global clients. We are committed to working closely with you throughout your relationship with us.

Never Get Burned Again

Have you had unsuccessful experiences in outsourcing to other agencies? We'd like to turn that experience into an amazing one. August 99 is run by both Filipino and North American managers who have worked with thousands of demanding clients worldwide. Our approach is simple: Learn your goals. Fill gaps in your business process. Launch your projects successfully.

Discreetly Professional

You’re always in front of your clients. We are willing to work behind a signed NDA as your white label outsourcing provider. Invoices are made directly to you. Billing is simple and hassle-free.

Great Work Attitude

It all starts with a creative team who works well together. Partner that with effective tools and a tried and tested process, you have a virtual team that actually gets stuff done.

Send Us a Test Project

If you’re looking to outsource a part of your business process, try us for a month! We have cost-efficient packages that will fit in your workflow. If you’re happy with the results, hire a dedicated resource to save even more.