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Find Reliable Virtual AssistantsLook to us as your outsourcing partner and we'll find you capable assistants who can do the tasks that you hate doing.

Make your life easier by getting a reliable virtual assistant from August 99. Whether you’re looking for assistance with routine tasks or you need the services of a specialist with industry-specific knowledge and familiarity with particular software, we’ll find the best match for your requirements. Our VAs are experts in assisting business and executives, and save them from hours wasted on doing menial and repetitive tasks.

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Our Virtual Assistant Services

Hire a reliable, tech-savvy virtual assistant who will work for you, full-time. Here's a preview of the usual tasks that clients ask us to take on:

    array(14) { [0]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(16) "Inbox management" } [1]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(41) "Calendar management & appointment setting" } [2]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(28) "Data entry & document typing" } [3]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(40) "Website maintenance & content management" } [4]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(44) "Inventory management for e-commerce websites" } [5]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(37) "Digitization & archiving of documents" } [6]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(40) "Questionnaire & online survey processing" } [7]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(31) "Lead generation & telemarketing" } [8]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(23) "Social media management" } [9]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(15) "Online research" } [10]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(14) "Event planning" } [11]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(14) "Travel booking" } [12]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(42) "Expenses management, reporting & invoicing" } [13]=> array(1) { ["title"]=> string(52) "Routine accounting, clerical or administrative tasks" } }
  • Inbox management
  • Calendar management & appointment setting
  • Data entry & document typing
  • Website maintenance & content management
  • Inventory management for e-commerce websites
  • Digitization & archiving of documents
  • Questionnaire & online survey processing
  • Lead generation & telemarketing
  • Social media management
  • Online research
  • Event planning
  • Travel booking
  • Expenses management, reporting & invoicing
  • Routine accounting, clerical or administrative tasks

Our specialists are more than capable of handling multiple projects at the same time and are well used to working under short deadlines. Whatever your project’s size or level of complexity may be, we have virtual assistants who can get it done quickly and accurately. Contact us today to schedule a discovery call.