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What's It Like To Work at A99?

Ann Montegrande - August99

“Of all the many reasons I have why I love August 99 -- the most valuable is freedom. We are trusted to produce high-quality work and results in our own way guided by the core values that we have. I am inspired that we have a bottom-up management-- I feel that I belong and that I have a space.”

Ann Montegrande

Finance Manager

Erika Lopez - August99

“Working in August99 has been the best professional decision I have had in my life. Of all the companies I worked with over the years, A99 culture has made me feel the kind of leadership and mentorship I always wanted.”

Erika Lopez

Business Development Officer

Hazel Ampil - August99

“We have a great support system, there's also transparency from the management team which is important. Also, I love the flexibility of working from home, it helps me balance my time between work and family”

Hazel Ampil

Head of People & Culture

Bernice Buenafe - August99

“I love that I get to work with people who are easy to communicate and collaborate with regardless of their tenure or position in the company. I appreciate our leadership team who is dedicated to their craft, the business, and their people.”

Bernice Buenafe

People & Culture Officer

Wenda Roxas - August99

“August 99 is like a second home. A family of friends that bring out the best in me. It's a happy place where people share their skills, talents, and creativity at a harmonious pace.”

Wenda Roxas

Assistant Team Lead

Kirk Neel - August99

“This has been the only place I have worked at, in the states or Philippines that seems to care about employees and their family and does what it has to try to hang on to all.”

Kirk Neel

SME Project Manager

Josh Baluyot - August99

“August 99 has been my second family for more than 11 years. It developed my skills, it changed me for the better. There’s always enjoyment and satisfaction here.”

Josh Baluyot

Team Lead

Marnie Evangelista - August99

“Being able to experience working in four different departments helps me realize that I love the company, that's why I am still here. My managers, my officemates, and the work environment here in August 99 are the best. I will always be happy and thankful that I am working here.”

Marnie Evangelista

Assistant Team Lead

Christian Bautista - August99

“I've been here as a team leader for more than 3 years now. I've attended countless meetings but it never fails to amaze me how the management is concerned about its people. They're awesome people, and you will always wanna see what's gonna happen next.”

Christian Bautista

Assistant Team Lead

Irving Dela Cruz - August99

“I love the level of trust I get from my boss, this allows me to innovate and think out of the box when a problem is presented, and this excites and keeps me engaged. At the same time, A99 gives me the freedom of doing other passions in my life outside of work.”

Irving Dela Cruz

Site Reliability Engineer

Gian Reyes - August99

“I love the dynamic working environment that only August99 can offer. We're a 20 year old company that still values out of the box thinking and innovation. There's so many opportunities and roles that offer a lot of room for growth. I'm constantly inspired not just by the leaders, but also by the employees as everyone here is solutions focused. The young and start up vibe keeps work fun.”

Gian Reyes

Division Head

Sam Hain - August99

“My favorite thing about August 99 are the people. My co-writers in the Writers Block team, in particular, are the best people to work with. They inspire me to work hard to be a better writer.”

Sam Hain

Content Writer

A Day In The Life of a 99er

A day in the life of a

Software Engineer

7 AM

Daily scrum and task review with the dev team

9 AM

Collaborate with designer and engineering head

11 AM

Work on the latest feature of A99’s real estate app

1 PM

Demo and feature presentation to product manager

A day in the life of a

Web Developer

7 AM

Daily scrum and task review with the dev team

9 AM

Show conversion progress to project manager

11 AM

Collaborate with the quality assurance team

1 PM

Work on a plugin for a custom website

A day in the life of a

UX Designer

7 AM

Daily scrum and task review with the creative team

9 AM

Brainstorm with product and dev managers

11 AM

Work with creative director on designs

1 PM

Show lo-fi or hi-fi prototype to product manager

A day in the life of a

Web Designer

7 AM

Daily scrum and task review with the design team

9 AM

Continue XD prototype of ecommerce site

11 AM

Collaborate with devs on design functionality

1 PM

Show progress and get approval from art director

A day in the life of a

Creative Director

7 AM

Review emails and to-dos from project stakeholders

9 AM

Meet with team to discuss high priority tasks and VIP projects

11 AM

Collaborate with marketing manager on next ad campaigns

1 PM

Review completed prototypes from designers

A day in the life of a

Product Manager

7 AM

Review emails and to-dos from project stakeholders

9 AM

Brainstorm with creative director and designer on product feature

11 AM

Meet with quality assurance team and discuss tasks for release

1 PM

Review active tasks and send feedback to developers

A day in the life of a


7 AM

Review editorial calendar and emails from senior editor

9 AM

Research for next article on real estate market trends

11 AM

Work on pending articles and get peer feedback from seniors

1 PM

Discuss next initiatives with the digital marketing team

A day in the life of a

Community Manager

7 AM

Prepare for the 8am opening of Loft Spaces and meet with the crew

9 AM

Review the leads queue and respond to customer inquiries

11 AM

Welcome walk-in client and give a tour of private offices and meeting rooms

1 PM

Send virtual office and coworking proposal to a client, meet with division head


Here at August 99, we’re always on the lookout for the best talent to join our community. It doesn’t matter if you’re only starting out or you’re already at the pinnacle of your career. Dare something worthy with us and, in the process, find your awesome with August 99.

The A99 Experience

We don’t just offer competitive pay and benefits—we also always look for ways to reward those who stand out among their peers and demonstrate true dedication.

Creative Office from A99 Experience

Creative Office

Our spacious and Instagram-worthy office is designed to cultivate 99culture of creativity and collaboration.

You’ll enjoy coming to work for sure.

Remote Work from A99 Experience

Remote Work

Flexible work arrangements are part of our culture.

As long as you deliver consistent quality work and have proved your worth, you have the privilege to work anywhere you want to.

Career Leveling from A99 Experience

Career Leveling

Whether you're a coder, designer, writer, or project manager, as a company we're always on the lookout for ways to help you take your career to the next level.

Creative Office from A99 Experience

Employee Recognition

We treat every employee like family. This is a place where you have beers with the CEO, clients send you tokens of appreciation, and accomplishments are recognized and applauded.

Health Perks from A99 Experience

Health Perks

Employees have peace of mind with our tiered health insurance plans from Maxicare, which can be extended to their dependents. We also have our own company doctor and in-house nurse.

Vacation Days from A99 Experience

Vacation Days

On top of our standard vacation days, employees starting from their third year and upwards get to enjoy additional leave credits.

Team Building from A99 Experience

Team Building

Sports fest, beach outings, monthly team activities, annual traditions, epic parties plus lots of lunch outs, and beer o’clocks in between

Leaders Weekend from A99 Experience

Leaders Weekend

Managers and team leads kick off the year by doing an out of town trip slash strategy meeting.

This is an amazing time to brainstorm new and exciting initiatives.

Training & Mentorship from A99 Experience

Training & Mentorship

Whether it’s hackathon, mentoring juniors, participating in cross-department training, or teaching a class of your own, there’s always room to level up your skills here.

Referral Program from A99 Experience

Referral Program

Employees can earn extra cash and help grow the company by introducing us to amazing people that they know.

Incentives & Commissions from A99 Experience

Incentives & Commissions

Employees who hold a sales or business development position enjoy extra perks on top of their basic compensation.

We’re looking for game changers, innovators, and leaders

Come join us and have really smart, fun, curious and creative people from all over the country as colleagues.